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AK Homme watches, also known as Alias Kim Homme watches, offer a good variety of watches at very reasonable prices, mainly because they are made in China.

Over the last few years I’ve bought a number of Chinese autowinders. Not that I needed them, its just that the price was very reasonable and I like collecting watches. Also, these Chinese watches are pretty nice looking.

However, although some of these watches turned out to be pretty good value, quite a few of them were not. A couple even arrived not working. The most consistent problem I found is that none of the automatic movement watches will wind in normal wear. Even wearing them, I have to wind them manually at least once a day as with a manual watch.

The rotors just don’t turn much at all and what little bit they do turn isn’t enough to wind the mainspring. Saying that, a couple of these watches keep time surprisingly well.

AK Homme watches

Recently I bought another Chinese automatic off eBay. It was only a dollar, with virtually the entire cost comprised of shipping charges. It’s a large AK Homme watches brand and in handling the watch I noticed that the rotor made a whirring sound when the watch is shaken. This is something the other Chinese automatics do not have, meaning this watch actually does wind on the arm.

After wearing the AK Homme for a while I opened the back to adjust the regulator. All the other watches have the same movement, but not this AK Homme. It appears to be one of the Chinese standards, but looks quite different from all the others, which leads me to recall reading something a while back about an upgraded Chinese standard movement.

I have found this watch to be extremely accurate by any standard. I must say it’s more accurate than I can set by hand, I keep missing the sweet spot but the watch keeps time to within +/- 2 seconds a day depending on the regulator setting.

As a result of this find I’m going to buy a few more AK Homme watches and see if I was lucky, or if the AK Homme watches brand uses a better movement.

Here is a review we received from a reader recently for the AK Homme AK067 Automatic Watch.

I paid $29 shipped for this AK Homme watch and I was concerned that the watch was going to be destroyed because it just came in a plastic mailer envelope with a little bubble wrap. However, I was pleasantly surprised when I opened it to find a nice looking box with a functioning watch ticking away on the inside.

I did accidentally pop the bezel off with my nail while trying to remove the plastic film, but it popped right back on. Time will tell if the bezel stays put. Overall the watch looks nice, and seems to be running smoothly and spot on time. The bracelet is stamped ‘Stainless Steel’, and while it looks good, I have my doubts as to it’s metallurgy because it is very light and the clasp feels ‘thin’.

These AK Homme watches have become my inexpensive guilty pleasures as I have Seikos, Orients, Citizens, Swiss Legends, many Invictas, a Sturling, etc. But this is the watch I use mostly as a daily wearer. I love the look and the feel and oddly I get more compliments on this $29 Chinese mechanical than on a watch that cost ten times that.

I’ve worn it every day for over six months now and it still looks great and is very accurate. Not quartz accurate, but almost up there with any mechanical. I’ve read very little about them and virtually no reviews anywhere, even though I can’t help feel like it’s a little known secret what a good value these little gems are for the money.

AK Homme Watches Video Review

This is a great video review of one of AK Homme watches products, the AK-W158. This is a very nice watch for the price, which is a bit of a bargain. The video is over four minutes long and gives a good look at one of the better AK Homme watches.

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