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So why do luxury watches cost so much? Obviously, as with any designer products, they carry a superior build quality and are made from the best materials, along with the actual design itself. This quality is shown in the fact that many luxury watches are passed down the generations and still work as well as when they were first bought. You are paying for these materials and the craftsmanship that goes in to the making of these watches.

So how do we find luxury and designer watches at lower prices? Simple really, we find you the best prices online as they are virtually always cheaper on the internet compared to bricks and mortar stores. We can show you both brand new watches, along with previously owned watches. You can often buy a pre-owned watch that is in near perfect condition for a huge discount on it’s new price. We can also find you discontinued lines from the top manufacturers, which are also usually available at a great discount.

Many people these days look for vintage watches, if that’s you we can show you a great selection. If you are looking for a watch from years ago, this is the best place to look. Just use our search box, if there are any available, we will find them.

Portable devices for measuring time first appeared in a Roman times, but it was not until the late 19th century that the wristwatch, as we recognise it today, first appeared. The 20th century saw a great leap in watch technology, responding first to the demands of air travel, then the wartime trenches, and finally the ultimate challenge of outer space.

Man has always valued time, but now the wristwatch is coveted as much for style reasons as for practicality. As a result there are tremendous opportunities for collectors at every level. But what makes one watch more valuable than another? There are a host of factors that affect price, and collectors need to be well informed to make the most of the marketplace.

At Watches-4u.com we help demystify the world of watch collecting. We take a closer look at brand names such as Rolex, Omega, Cartier and many more, as well as popular collecting areas such as military watches.

We will help you to assess the value, not only individual market value, but also why one is more valuable than another. Each article features photographs and information highlighting each watches features. Factors such as material, design, condition, maker and authenticity account for that watches relative market value.

You may be thinking of starting to collect watches as a hobby, but it can also be a useful investment vehicle. Like stocks and shares, the value of watches can go down as well as up. We will help you assess where best to buy your watches, such as auctions, the internet or dealers, as well as what to look out for. This includes being able to spot a fake watch, as here are many around these days.

We also look at how to care for your collection, making sure they are stored correctly and how to keep them clean and in good working order, with tips such as winding a mechanical watch at least once a month.

Maybe the best place to start is with the history of watches. We will start with pre-1900s, then move on through each decade in turn, showing you how the watch has developed through the years.

We will also look at individual watch makers, highlighting some of the better known brands, but also some of the lesser known watches that are often extremely good in their own right.

To help, here is some of the watch terminology used.

Crown. This is a small metal protrusion from the watch case, typically found at the three o’clock mark, which is used to wind the watch as well as set the time.

Dial. Usually referred to as the face, the dial sits inside the watchcase and acts as the main focal point of the watch. The watch name, hour markers and date are commonly printed or applied directly to the dial.

Bezel. They reside on the outside of the case and circle the dial of the watch. The purpose of this metal gauge is to allow the wearer to read elapsed time quickly, but many watches feature no bezel or one located inside the crystal.

Movement. The mechanical device that powers the watch, the movement consists of a winding mechanism, a balance wheel, mainspring, and escapement. These combine to create power and then accurately release it to push the hands of the watch around the face.

Case. The case is the house of the watch and is often made of stainless steel, although gold, platinum and titanium are also often used.

When beginning a watch collection, you have to ask yourself whether you want to buy rugged, modern watches, or more rare and collectible vintage watches. Both have their pros and cons.

Modern watches are generally more durable than vintage watches, as they are better constructed and the crystal used is often sapphire, which is extremely scratch resistant. That said, modern watches do not necessarily have the same collectors appeal as vintage watches do. There is also less chance of many modern watches increasing in value anytime soon.

Vintage watches, on the other hand, may feature plastic cases that are easier to scratch. Also, decades-old mechanical movements require a little more maintenance than brand new ones. However, the good side of vintage watches is the rarity, as it can be very difficult to find similar pieces.

You have to remember that mechanical watches rely on hundreds of tiny moving parts working seamlessly together to keep time. If one integral part fails, you will have problems. It may be difficult to find the part you need if the watch uses a rare movement and it will likely be expensive either way.

Vintage watches are wonderful to own when working perfectly and can be extremely expensive to own when not. When looking for a vintage piece, make sure to do your homework and have the seller open up the case back so you can see the condition of the movement if possible.